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What is SSLIPUP?

SSLIPUP is the "Society for Surviving Life in Public (and private) Universities, Please!", and was founded in 2001. The aim of the Society is to help you get along, or rather to survive, if you are working and teaching at universities in Japan. Originally only aimed at public universities with their wonderful bureaucracy, we are also open to private universities. As all national universities have become independent administrative units (which is sometimes called "privatisation") in April 2004, differences between universities will become smaller anyway.
During the JALT  conferences we talk to several other instructors every year, and we also attend the spring conferences of the Japanische Geselllschaft für Germanistik (日本独文学会) every year in Tokyo.

SSLIPUP's headquarters are at Aichi University of Education (Aichi Kyoiku Daigaku愛知教育大学, or Aikyodai for short) in Kariya, which lies between Nagoya and Toyota in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. Founder and General Secretary of SSLIPUP is Anthony Robins, teaching English at Aikyodai. Webmaster and treasurer is Oliver Mayer, teaching German at the same university.

You are welcome to join SSLIPUP, regardless of race, gender, nationality. Contact  us (see below).


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